10 Ways that Toastmasters Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Love Life

We all know Toastmasters has many benefits for your professional development in competency areas such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, and leadership. However, Toastmasters has many benefits that go far beyond the workplace and can potentially improve your personal life as well.

Since it is Valentines day, we came up with 10 ways that Toastmasters might have a positive effect on your love life:

  1. Improving your interpersonal skills with Toastmasters can help with your ability to talk/flirt with someone you just met and/or keep those conversations going with your significant other. flirting
  2. Table Topics can be great ideas and practice for making small talk on those first dates.
  3. Toastmasters makes you more confident in all aspects of your life, and confidence is an attractive quality. It might also help give you the courage to talk to your crush.
  4. Toastmasters helps you become a better listener and communicator, which are great characteristics to have in a partner.listening
  5. Is your love language “quality time”? You can bring that special someone with you to Toastmasters meetings as a regular way to spend time together.
  6. Are you trying to win somebody back? Those persuasive speaking skills you develop in Toastmasters might come in handy.
  7. Even if you are not looking for love, Toastmasters can be a great cure for loneliness because you get to be around people that are always ready to listen to what you have to say.making friends at Toastmasters
  8. You might even meet that special someone at a Toastmasters club near you. Toastmasters can be a great way to meet and get to know lots of amazing new people in real life vs. an app. Many of them will become lifelong friendships, but we do have lots of couples and marriages in District 29 that met in Toastmasters. So you never know…., maybe the love of your life is at a your neighborhood Toastmasters club.
  9. Do you want to profess your love to someone with an epic speech or propose to someone in front of a large crowd? You can build your speaking confidence in Toastmasters.
  10. Once you get to the wedding part, Toastmasters is good practice for writing and stating your vows in front of an audience or to give a best man or maid of honor speech.wedding vows

Do you have additional ideas? Please add them in the comments.

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