How to Discovery Your Story and Make it Great

Have you been thinking about adding stories to your speeches? Get ready to discover a new story and make it great.

Storytelling is a crucial business skill. Our brains are hardwired to receive information in the form of stories. You know it’s true. Stories are a lot more fun than boring facts. They’re also more memorable. Whether you are talking with one person or speaking to an audience of thousands, a well-crafted story can make the difference between, “Huh?” and “Wow, now I understand.”

Sally Strackbein works with professional speakers to make their presentations earn high speaking fees. Even if you don’t want to be a professional speaker, adding great stories to your everyday communications and your presentations will help inspire your listeners to take action. They will even remember what you said!

In her interactive workshop, Sally will teach you how to discover new stories and make them great!