Commit to Excellence

Every June 30th at midnight, Toastmasters hits the reset button, and a new Toastmasters year begins! Welcome to the new Toastmaster Year!

We have accomplished so much during the past year! As of June 30th, we are a Distinguished District! 1051 Educational awards, including 51 Distinguished Toastmasters!! 67 clubs, more than half of all our Clubs are Distinguished or better!

With such Excellent performance, we are poised for huge growth this coming year! We plan to exceed our performance this year! The theme for the District this year is Commit to Excellence.

What does this theme mean to you? What does Excellence mean to you? When I asked this question during the recently concluded TLI Plenary session, we got many answers summed up in this word cloud that our members created.

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As you can see, excellence means different things to different people! When you Commit to Excellence, you are deciding for yourself what it means to you. Commit to Excellence in your work, with your family, your health, your spirituality, and all other areas in your life.

Whether your commitment means that you attend as many club meetings as you can, finishing a path, getting your DTM this year or serving as the best District Officer you can be, commit to it!

There is scientific evidence that commitments written down have a greater chance of success. Attached is a file that may help you put your thoughts and commitments to paper! Of course, you never have to share this with anyone else, but if you’re brave, share this with your club members as a public commitment (which has power to motivate by just the act of your sharing it)!

The link to the commitment file is here. General Leadership Commitment to Excellence.

Today, on this Toastmasters New Year’s day, Commit to Excellence! I wish you an Excellent Year Ahead!

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Narayanan Doraswamy, DTM

District Director 2020-2021

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