A message for District 29 from Deepak Menon, President of Toastmasters International 2019-2020

Fellow Toastmasters in District 29,


Spring is the time to rejoice when nature displays its full splendor; when trees and flowers blossom; when there is a spirit of rejuvenation all around. Despite the challenging time we are all experiencing right now due to the pandemic, the annual conference of District 29 conducted virtually this year, with its theme ‘Think Big, Play Big’, provides a happy occasion to celebrate this wonderful season in all its glory.

Just as spring provides a new beginning, Toastmasters helps us discover ourselves anew. We find courage and confidence to express our feelings and sentiments. We let go of our inhibitions and find ways to boost the spirit of Toastmasters. We think big, play big and we learn to find the leader in ourselves. Toastmasters transforms us from being local leaders to become global leaders.

The path that we follow in Toastmasters springs from its vast repository of experience and knowledge derived over the last ninety-five years. The transformation that we see in ourselves is nothing short of magical. Think back to the time you attended the first Toastmasters meeting as a guest and feeling bewildered, wondering if you would ever be able to speak coherently, competently and confidently. Remember your first tentative step as an ‘ice-breaker’ speaker. Recall the euphoria of becoming a competent communicator with a newfound spring in your footsteps! It is like a colorful butterfly emerging from its drab chrysalis!

Let us spread this wondrous experience to as many people as we can whether they be friends, family or colleagues. Let this unique conference be the occasion for you to think big and play big and dazzle the world! Let the fire of passion for Toastmasters make you the flame that leads the world from darkness to light.

Your District leaders have the passion burning in them brightly as they lead District 29 to achieve great heights in 2020 during this unprecedented time. I wish them and their conference team all the best for a fantastic conference! I wish each one of you an experience that will help you think big, play big and exude renewed energy and assurance.

Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made!

Best Regards

Deepak Menon, DTM
2019-2020 International President

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