District 29 Annual Business Meeting Agenda

Order of Business/Agenda
Call to Order/Announcements                                           Saint Nazario-Camacho, CC, CL                                                                                           Sergeant at Arms
Welcome and Introduction                                                 Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                  District Director
District and Club Mission Review                                     Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
Credentials Committee Report                                          Dwight Yamada, DTM                                                                                                 Immediate Past District Director
Standing Meeting Rules and Ground Rules                  Tom Reed, DTM                                                                                                  Parliamentarian
Agenda Review                                                                    Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director 
Adoption of Fall 2019 District Council Minutes               Bethany Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Administration Manager
Recognition of District Leadership                                   Dana Richard, DTM 
                                                                                                District Director
Audit Report                                                                          Gary Roth, CC, ALB
Mid-Year Report                                                                        District Audit Committee Chair
Finance Manager Report                                                    Maria O. Connor                                                                           District Finance Manager
Unfinished Business                                                           Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
New Business                                                                      Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
Alignment Report                                                                Herb Billingsley, DTM                                                                                                 Realignment Chair
District Leadership Committee Meeting Report           Dwight Yamada, DTM                                                                                                  Immediate Past District Director
Election of District Officers                                                 Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
District Reports:
            Division A                                                                  Anthony DiPalma, ACB                                                                                                  Division A Director
            Division B                                                                  Regina Faulkerson, ACG, ALB, PMP                                                                                                  Division B Director
            Division C                                                                  Paula Greene, DTM                                                                                                 Division C Director
            Division D                                                                  Richard D. Taylor, DTM                                                                                                  Division D Director
            Division E                                                                  Sabrina Woodlief, ACB. ALB                                                                                                  Division E Director
            Division F                                                                  Kimberly M. Choplin, DTM                                                                                                   Division F Director
            Division G                                                                Talisa V. Thomas-Hall, ACS, ALB, VCP, EC2                                                                                                  Division G Director
            Public Relations Manager Report                         Brendan Ford, ACG, ALB                                                                                                 District Public Relations Manager
            Club Growth Director Report                                  Bettie St. Clair, DTM                                                                                                  District Club Growth Director
            Program Quality Director Report                          Narayanan Doraswamy, DTM                                                                                                  District Program Quality Director
            District Director Report                                            Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
Announcements                                                                   Dana Richard, DTM                                                                                                 District Director
Adjournment                                                                         Saint Nazario-Camacho, CC, CL                                                                                           Sergeant at Arms
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