District Director’s Message

Members of District 29,

The following information was sent to all members of the District Council earlier this week but as it important to all of you we are posting it here.

As we continue to adjust to life during a pandemic with its closures and social distancing, we must all remember that Toastmasters is still in business. Our clubs are holding successful on-line meetings and member dues are still being collected and paid, we are conducting successful on-line contests, we are proceeding with planning for a virtual conference and we are going to successfully hold our required online business meeting. Here are a few important updates to help you plan:

  • The Business Meeting will be held Saturday, May 16, at 10:30 am. 
  • We will also hold a Town Hall and Candidate Showcase on Monday May 11 to help you learn more about the candidates, be better prepared for the actual business meeting and ask questions about what’s going on around the District. 

I will be sending you information on the business meeting, how to participate, how to register and verify credentials for voting, how to vote and other details as they become available. 

The contents of the Delegates Package – meeting agenda, Minutes of the Fall Business Meeting, Realignment Report, District Leadership Committee Report and the other District reports will be posted as they become available and should all be available by May 2 so please watch the District website for those: www.tmd29.org. 

Please keep in mind that the business meeting includes two especially important items of business—the election of district officers and the club realignment for the coming program year. Your participation is vital!

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