Gina Dolin, DTM

Gina Dolin

Leadership Presence
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Would you like to have a strong presence that influences and engages? Whether you run a team, a corporation or are about to make an important presentation, having a strong personal presence will ensure you are seen, heard, and remembered for all the right reasons. People with strong personal presence attract success because people notice them, want to engage with them and hear what they have to say.

During This Interactive Session Learn:

  • What are the core components of presence?
  • How can you increase your presence for greater impact?
  • How developing a strong presence leads to greater influence.

Learning effective leadership skills leads to great success, higher ROI and FUN.

Brief Biography

Gina Dolin, DTM is an award-winning speaker and leadership coach who works with leaders and teams to help them improve communication, relationships and presentation skills. She has led transformative teams that accelerate revenue and create market differentiation for technology companies.  She managed numerous international teams and brought over 15 products to market. 

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