Dear District 29 Leaders

You may have noticed that the TLI Curricula for the Summer 2019 session have begun to include sessions beyond the 12:00 point!

You may have wondered to yourself, “What are they up to now?”

Part of being a Toastmaster member and leader is the opportunity and joy of learning new things. There will be new information about Leadership, Communication, how to lead your Club to success both in its Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals and also in member experience goals.

Many Clubs including corporate Clubs are in the position of not having enough time during the meeting hours to provide additional education about these subjects to their members. Not because of any reticence on their part, but because our busy work lives do not afford spending more time than the 1-2 hours per meeting that we already do.

However, analyses have shown that the more training the District provides to its members, the following will happen:

  • More Club Leaders will attend the TLIs and get informed on how to do their roles
  • There will be a higher the likelihood of the Club reaching Distinguished status and
  • Better member experience will directly translate into higher Member Retention

Imagine, not having to hunt for new members as often, not having to cajole members to stay! It has been found conclusively that members tend to stay in Clubs where they have a positive experience of being a valued member. Additional electives provide value to your members that they can then bring back to your Clubs and enrich the member experience for everyone in the Club! Imagine not having to twist arms to “get”  your members to serve as Club officers next year!

TLIs: What has NOT changedTLIs: What HAS changed
1. The 7 officers will continue to receive the same or higher quality more interactive training to enable them to execute their responsibilities successfully.
2. Core Officers training will still be held during the morning sessions only.
3. You do not have to attend anything more than your Core Officer training to receive credit towards your Club’s DCP points.
4. If you are an officer in more than one Club, you will still get DCP credit for all the offices you hold just by attending your preferred Core Officers Training.
5. The traditional half day curriculum is largely unchanged.
6. Light breakfast & beverages will continue to be served during the morning sessions.
7. There will still be a Plenary/ Keynote Session in the morning.
8. The networking/ socializing opportunities with other members of District 29 are unchanged.
9. Thursday night sessions are unchanged.
1. Afternoon sessions have been added to help both Officers and regular members. This provides an incentive for regular members to attend TLIs and avail themselves of the excellent training/ networking available.
2. Feedback surveys for TLI overall and specific training sessions will no longer be paper based. You will receive an email at the end of the TLI day asking you to fill in an electronic survey. This will not only help the environment by reducing the amount of paper but will help streamline the feedback process.
3. Lunch will be provided to all who stay past noon for the afternoon sessions.
4. Several sessions in the afternoon will be repeated to facilitate members attending all desired training.
5. Core officer trainings have been staggered with 4 officers’ trainings in the first hour and the remaining 3 in the second hour in the morning. This may provide members with a greater accessibility to trainings of their choice.
6. Fairfax County Govt Center is undergoing modifications and hence is not available for the Summer TLI Sessions. However, they are expected to be back in time for the Winter Sessions.
7. We have added a new location: Splunk Inc (home of Avocado Toastmasters Club) in McLean.
8. Electives will be offered every hour to facilitate non-officers get maximum value of their attendance.
9. Trainers and trainings improved to become more interactive based on the From Speaker to Trainer model

The variety of topics being covered through these extended sessions is astounding! Please review the list of topics being covered in the TLI Sessions this summer.

We are adding new and exciting things to your member experience this year to help you Find Your Path! Sure, this throws a curve ball for some of us! But as the website says:

Here’s to hoping we call all GROW from these exciting changes and Find our Paths!

Please contact our Program Quality Director, Narayanan Doraswamy, DTM directly at [email protected] if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our new expanded TLIs.

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