Our New District Website Just Launched!


We just switched our website from FreeToastHost to WordPress and we want to know what you think. This new site will improve our service to members with access to endless customization options. If you have feedback or suggestions about our new site, please contact the PRM Manager or leave a comment.

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  1. I love the new D29 website. It looks so professional! I only have one issue. The white text on black background for the menu tabs and drop-down menus are virtually impossible to read. The font is so skinny that it disappears into the black background. It might help if the font were in bold typeface. Otherwise, what a nice improvement.

    1. Kimberly – we have bolded the menu text and added a gray and black text when your mouse hovers over the selections. Hopefully, it is more readable now. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Where are the Contest Winners at the Club, Area, & Division Levels? There should be a link so that we could find the information. I was looking for the D29 Division B 2017 Falls Contest – Table Topics and Humorous Speech Winners. Alex P. Cheng, ACB B-2 Toasters VP Education (2017-2018)

    1. We were able to get the Contest winners lists going back through Spring 2017 up at our “Contests” page – Go to: http://tmd29.org/events/contests/contest-winners/ (Click the links at the bottom of the page). I have asked for assistance with getting some of the older ones from our archives so likely we will be able to put more historical ones up soon as well.

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