District 29 Club Rescue Team

These are defining qualities of the District 29 Club Rescue Team

Positive energy. Enthusiasm. Optimism in challenging situations.

The Club Rescue Team’s purpose is to support any Toastmasters club that could benefit from some extra energy and positivity.

The team strives to meet its objectives by enhancing and enlivening the club meeting experience through active participation, injecting fun and excitement, and offering encouragement and inspiration.

Now that the team is being leveraged for “preemptive rescue missions” – instances where a club may not be on the verge of folding but could nonetheless use an extra shot in the arm – its reach has expanded, and the team can help more clubs.

Led by Club Growth Director Rick Taylor, the Club Rescue Team is a who is who of District 29 Toastmaster “superheroes,” including: Marie Barnes, Clarien Braxton, Kimberly Choplin, Regina Faulkerson, Joyce Hardcastle, Michael “Hilsh” Hilsher, Greg Josephs, Bharat Patel, Al Rivera, Shari Thompson, Dr. Bob Wilson, and Sabrina Woodlief.

Would you like Club Rescue Team members(s) to visit your club? E-mail Club Growth Director Paula Green: [email protected]