Verna Bonaby, DTM, Talks Jamaica at Mangalam Legacy

Verna Bonaby, DTM, Division I Director in District 14 (South Florida, The Bahamas) will be giving a guest speech on Jamaican culture at Mangalam Legacy Toastmasters this Thursday at 7pm EST via Zoom. Register to attend at:

Verna’s guest speech on Jamaica is part of Mangalam Legacy’s relaunch as a Toastmasters club focused on enhancing members’ cultural awareness while helping to improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

District 29 Club Growth Director Rick Taylor, DTM, says that working on the relaunch of the club with Club Sponsors Bharat Patel, DTM, Amy Brener, DTM, and Division F Director Margaret Huan, DTM, has been very exciting. “As an online club, Mangalam Legacy can feature speakers from all over the world,” Taylor says. “Every club meeting is like a trip to another country.”

Mangalam Legacy Toastmasters meets every second and fourth Thursday from 7pm – 8pm EST via Zoom. If you or someone you know is interested in giving a guest speech about a particular country or culture, e-mail Bharat Patel at: [email protected]

Visit the club’s website at:

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